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Midi Pattern Sequencer for Dave Smith's TETRA (and MoPho)

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1.1 (Updated 10 years ago)
November 15, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


TetraPat is a MIDI pattern sequencer especially designed for use with the hardware synhtesizer TETRA by Dave Smith.

- Pattern sequencer (max 32 steps)
- 5 step sequencers (max 32 steps)
- Adjustable global Shuffle amount
- Freely definable controllers (CC and NRPN)
- Patterns can be shifted back and forth, raised and scaled up and down
- Copy and paste of patterns
- Additional controls include Tune, Gate duration, and Gate threshold

- Enable Info View to get help for individual panel elements.
- Table data are NOT stored with the snapshots but with the entire ensembel. Therefore modifying the table data has impact on all snapshots using this sequence.
- Copy and paste table data across snapshots easily using the global buffers in the top right corner.
- Only the visible data in the sequence table is affected by shift, scale, raise, copy and paste. Thus, by varying the length of the sequence table, you can shift, copy or paste parts of the sequence.

2010 by Kim Bostroem


Travis White
8 years ago
Very cool, thanks! It also works with a prophet 08 :)