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Maschine Package Vol. 1

Pitch and Timestretch Sidechain for Maschine

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
January 31, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Three simple Ensembles.

The Caraz Sampler will change the pitch of loops - 1,2,4 or 8 bars - to fit the tempo of your DAW.

Simple Chop uses the Resynth Sampler to Timestretch

Two Knees with kick, uses a Sequenced Sampler - with a kick sample- as the Side chain Input. This can be used as an effect in Maschine or your DAW


thomas braungardt
7 years ago
great in maschine thank you very much
7 years ago
David Wagner
8 years ago
Phil is there anyway I could get your email address to ask some specific me at please if you can talk
Phil Durrant
8 years ago
you need to unzip the File, put them into your Reaktor User Folder, and then load the Ensembles into Reaktor as usual.
steven sparks
8 years ago
i need help in having maschine see the effect
8 years ago
I just got complete 7. How do I save and unpack these in Reaktor? It won't let me, for some reason.
Spiral Harmon
8 years ago
@Pascal Actually the first one that I know of besides the ones the Tim Exile was making for himself is the Master FX Maschine Expanded Ensemble:
Adrian Pickard
8 years ago
sidechain is very useful in maschine - thanks
JK Swopes
8 years ago
thanks phil!
Pascal Santoni
8 years ago
Nice to see first Maschine oriented ensemble :) Very useful, Thanks !
Phil Durrant
8 years ago
hi Bernd, yes you can! you can use these Ensembles in any DAW and even Reaktor Standalone - if you use the Playerbox for the Sidechain Ensemble.
8 years ago
Is there any use outside the maschine? I don't own this.
Vladimir Frey
8 years ago
Thank you!
Phil Durrant
8 years ago
comments, questions and criticisms welcome. these are "no thrills" uploads but are hopefully useful