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Advanced 16x4 step sequencer with intelligent-random functions.

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1.7 (Updated 8 years ago)
August 21, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer



11.06.2011 - updated to support R5.6
still compatible with 5.15

version 1.5

improvements: now it's 2-dimensional. you can use it e.g. like a modulators (or to trigger 2 sounds at once). x dimension got separate midiout, so you are able
to asign any knob or anything else to be automated (see the snapshots). btw, i included 1-dimensional (y) version, for those who don't need xy-styled instrument.

added: output jitter. for example,if jitter's value is 50%, output velocity will variate from X - 0.5 to X + 0.5 where X is a step's value (note, that min. output = 0, max = 1).
that makes extra variations to the sequence and more "human" feel. jitter's new random value generates before each next active step.

version 1.4

added: advanced stepwrap function (you can wrap separate rows using action filter). midi learn included.

fixed: some bits here and there.

version 1.2

improvements: CPU requriments now are really low.

added: MIDI learn feature for interface objects (following: randomize velocity, randomize colours, randomize mode, randomize amount, reset, colours probability, clock stop/start, midi send on/off).

added: individual switcher for each row (transparent = on, black = off) for Randomize velocity,Randomize colours and Reset functions.

added: little feature for position display (left mouse hold + up or down moves to change position grid division) might be helpful for beat arrangement.

version 1.1:

added: midi out feature (with separate activate/deactivate switches).
added: some hints.

You got four colours with individual probability settings wich you can assign to each step in the sequence.
So for example if you'll set brown steps to 50, you got 50% chance that they will trigger the sound. Simple interface yet complex never repeating loops.
Also there are individual clock settings for each row (clock division, loop start and loop lenght), that makes beat (or whatever) loops creation
even more flexible. CPU requirements 0%.

Read hints for more detailed description.


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Alexis P.
8 months ago
Nice job! Can be used with any external plugins.
Manuel Rr
1 year ago
is it possible to only use the sequencer? want to sequence hardware...
Emmett Glynn
1 year ago
so much fun man!
Victor Kerzl
9 years ago
9 years ago
once I got to figure out how the sequencer works, this has turned into rather a fine little drum machine. Many thanks
Event Iter
9 years ago
Great , Thanks !
10 years ago
I borrowed yours for powerful 'SibaniDe'. Loading up soon [this year], hope in spring time or so.
Kimmo Kivelä
10 years ago
I knew this kind of thing had to be here...
Jason Taylor
11 years ago
Superb - thanks.
Drew Anderson
12 years ago
This is amazing. Thank you!
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
Roland, my friend, actually yes, it's possible (but with a little pain, you know :) ) For now, i recommend you to use a couple of this seq's to control more sounds. BTW, new version is coming, some cool features will be unleashed and cpu requirements will be even less than now, so you'll be able to drop alot of this seq's inside your host.
R Ben
12 years ago
Wow, this I'll call "One of the most powerful uploads". It works well with e.g. another Reaktor Drumsynth/-player or e.g. Ableton's Impulse. (Even the little Tone Generator that you included sounds nice with some FX.) Is there a chance that you might upload a version with (for example) 10 tracks instead of only 4 ?
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
oops, little misunderstanding, i thought you mean change the colour palette :) to change colour for each step, just press right mouse button on step and move up or down!
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
2 Joachim : dude, you'll find multicolour macros inside the display macro (there are two of them). don't forget to make them similar.
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
2 Matthew: i think it's better to say "borrow" than "steal", you know ;) so don't forget to add some credits while using this macro :)
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
btw, i've tried it with splitter's 1.2 sampler, beatslicer, md2, and believe me, it works like a dream :). new version gives you now even more pleasure. best.
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
Hello! Actually midi out feature was already in progress, so you are lucky today! Version 1.1 is out!
Dieter Zobel
12 years ago
good board game, much thanks
Joachim Schneider
12 years ago
very great idea! many thanks for sharing! but i'm wondering how to change manually the color for each step? plz gimme a hint!
Matthew Todman
12 years ago
Good Stuff! Nice use of poly displays for the GUI. I like poly displays a lot! Especially like the position display at the top!...... I may have to steal it ;)
David Wesley
12 years ago
This is very cool. Is there a simple way to connect this to another Reaktor instrument or to get MIDI out to host? Thanks.
David Horsley
12 years ago
Wow. This is great. Thank you.
daniel battaglia
12 years ago
very nice man! excellent idea, also you have the same neurotic building style as me (straight lines for all the patchcables!). i would consider adding a pitch/gate midi out as well, so that one can use internal midi connections to connect to another instrument, either hardcoding it on 4 midi notes, or have 4 controls on the panel that let you choose the note. that is minor though, this is really good!