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Baba Oh! Really

Organic_1 with added Marimba

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
July 07, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower


I modified the excellent
Organic_1 and added Marimba Repeat effect that was typical on Lowrey Organs that Pete Townsend used for Baba O'Riley opening sequence.
It is simple LFO on VCA that re-triggers
with each new note. The syncopation happens when two or more keys are played slightly off beat.


1 year ago
Great sound - I am trying to load this into Komplete Kontrol so I can play it on my Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2...When i try to load the file I receive the Error Message: "Loading Issue: Could not load plug-in"... Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Damian Mitchell
2 years ago
Could you share this as an mp3 file?
Daniel Hogan
5 years ago
Kewl. I've been listening to this track recently. Thanks.
Steve Jamieson
6 years ago
Very good - thanks!
10 years ago
Hunting Baba Yaga?