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SS_Sound system

wavetable and not only

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December 06, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower


Remade syntch Orpheus. It Is made under impression from SIAC by Zootook.
Different noises,pads and fx.


Szentpétery Csaba
4 years ago
Good for noise and industrial!
year zero
7 years ago
Miro Pajic
8 years ago
Love it. Thanks
CC lines of the acid
8 years ago
Thanks for your comments. I am a big fan of buchla)))
Jason Filipchuk
8 years ago
very impressed. i can get some very "buchla" like tones from this. noisy and still quite musical. i tip my hat to you.
Kimmo Kivelä
8 years ago
Mikko Renko
8 years ago
Well, I like it.
CC lines of the acid
8 years ago
There are 4 sources: Osc a,Osc b,Osc X,Morph. Morph mixes signals from three sources, the sources are chosen near the matrix. Effect it has 6:reverb, phaser,filter, 3-band eq,saturators and cloud delay ; and two VCA:mix1(Amp env),mix2(LL env). Direct sound from the source to effect and filters through the matrix. Each module controls the signal level.
8 years ago
I want to get fish - lazyfish!
David Waldman
8 years ago
Update: this is one VERY weird ensemble. Can't figure it out totally, but who cares. Would you like ham or salami?
CC lines of the acid
8 years ago
Sounds very noisy)))))
David Waldman
8 years ago
If that sounds as good as it looks, I'mma make u a sammich.