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Aries Multi Mode Mono Synth

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
March 26, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is Aries, a multi mode monophonic synth with 4 oscillators and 8 selectable oscillator types.

1-There is the Analog modeled oscillator engine.

2-An audio table based wavetable oscillator engine with 8 selectable wavetables with 128 waves each, 1024 total waves.

3-A Sample based oscillator engine with 8 banks of single cycle waveform samples, 1024 waves total.

Single Cycle waves provided by Kristoffer Ekstrand aka Adventure Kid

lots more free single cycle waves available here...

4-A Spectral oscillator engine where you can draw in you own wave shapes, 128 wave slots, 67 slots filled, 61 wave slots available for custom wave shapes.

5-An additive wavetable engine with 300 wave shapes and room for 200 more, works in single wave mode or in wavetable mode.

6-A granular sample engine to use samples as wavetables, 2 banks with 128 slots each, 192 wave sample included and room for 64 more to be added.

7-An Oki Computer wavetable engine where you can custom edit your own wavetables.

8-An FM operator oscillator with 128 wave shapes to choose from.

1 master filter with 39 filter types

2 Global FM operators that can affect all oscillators, each with 3 FM modulator enige types, Analog, Sample based and a wavetable FM modulator.

and a ton of available modulators

4 Mod Envelopes

4 LFO's

4 multi point envelopes

4 pattern performers

4 step sequencers

4 Smart knob macros

4 X/Y pads

and a host of other features and FX.

It has about 530 Snapshots in a variety of styles

An 18 page manual is included in the zip file.


Michael O'Hagan


There is one thing I forgot to write in the manual, in the upper left corner above oscillator one there are 2 knobs and a button.

the two knobs are labeled "Start" and "Ratio".

These two knobs only affect key scaling as a modulator and nothing else.

If you use key scaling as a modulator you can use these two knobs to determine where keyscaling will start and how intense the scaling will be from key to key.

The button labeled "Pitch Tracking" will de-activate pitch tracking and make all keys play as #60/C3.

Thats the only thing left out of the manual, sorry.


Michael Chunusoff
9 months ago
I'm also getting the error. The synth loads but I wonder if those 5000+ samples help it sound better
1 year ago
I get the same error as Greg.
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I get this error when I load the ensemble: "Some external samples cannot be found (6220 remain missing). Would you like to locate /C/Documents and Settings/Chuck/My Documents/Reaktor 5/Wavelets/simpleset/andutypulse.wav now?"
David Coffin
3 years ago
Crazy diamond>+++++++++!
Szentpétery Csaba
4 years ago
High -skilled and interesting. I composed a track w/ it already! keep it up
Sam Mover
4 years ago
Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Thanks. This synth has a very good sound. Sounds like reaktor lazerbas. Many snapshots. But maybe too many nearly alike, and in a certain genre. Varity lacks. That said, then it should not stop anyone in trying this synth. Some will maybe think the many snapshots with small variation is awesome, because it's usefull in some musical genrers. Lars Bo Hermansen
John Maher
6 years ago
Many thanks, snapshots are great, really displays the scope of the synth :)
michael o'hagan
6 years ago
Renaud Schweitzer
6 years ago
Amazing work ! congrats and thanks for sharing :)
7 years ago
this is a real beast will use it in my next track 4 sho besides the layersampler. awesome .. thx again
7 years ago
sounds soo great, thanks a lot! its a 10!
Hanne Adam
8 years ago
this is incredible, fantastic, gorgous... just thumbs up and a big THANX!
Alberto Zin
8 years ago
Incredible work! Huge amount of presets (of very high quality), well crafted GUI, WOW!. That's true that people often charge for stuff inferior in quality. Thanks again for sharing..
michael o'hagan
8 years ago
1.0 is the right version, my internet connection dropped out on me during the first upload and I had to edit the text twice after uploading, the UL automatically adds a .1 to the version count even if you don't change anything. Aries V1.0 is the proper and only version. Mike
Paul Harding
8 years ago
cant get the 1.3 version.every time i download it it is the same version number i.e 1.0.
chris scott
8 years ago
Is there anything it can't do ? Top.
michael o'hagan
8 years ago
Thanks to everyone for checking this out, if anyone has any feature requests or suggestions let me know here. and Bernd, what does that mean, Bernd Keil (2012-03-30 07:31:14): one-filter-press Reaktor Aries 1.0 [SounZene-004] in folder: Example 0035 in Fault!er-folder: are these bug examples or audio samples or something? what does "one-filter-press" mean?
8 years ago
one-filter-press Reaktor Aries 1.0 [SounZene-004] in folder: Example 0035 in Fault!er-folder:
greg simpson
8 years ago
wonderful thanks
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
It really is a masterpiece. Thanx for upload...10+++++++++++++
Tom Randle
8 years ago
Anyone with the patience to wire up that mod routing deserves an instant 10! Thanks for this great synth!
Graham Street
8 years ago
Dean Coleman
8 years ago
Sick Job ! Love it !
David Waldman
8 years ago
Jesus...this is just sick. People charge good money for stuff inferior to this.
Gennaro Giugliano
8 years ago
Hi Michael,many thanks for your share synth, very crazy sounds :)
8 years ago
Morphing of waveforms is a beautiful thing.
8 years ago
It's a wonderful gaming synth for my ears and my brain.
Javier Arteaga
8 years ago
Amazing synth!! great!! I love its sound. Congratulations!
plauto camargo
8 years ago
Fantastic, this is crazy! Just did not like the reverb, compressor and the almost infinite number of modulations routings. The design that permeates skin seems that the environment has left more confused, I think the spaces at the top were underutilized. It's just my opinion and you need not consider anything I said anyway, I love the synth! translators are translators, I hope you understand what I meant.