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Chaos Pendulum

Simulation of the chaotic motion from a double pendulum

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
April 15, 2012
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


1.1: fixed display bug highlighted by Reaktor 6

There's lots of interest in fractals and chaos as driver for generative music.

I figured that as it's such a conceptually simple example of chaos, it would be interesting to play around with a double pendulum.

One nice thing about this is that as it's based on cyclical motion, it is easy to map the results into something useable e.g. this is instantly a chaotic LFO.

I haven't implemented any state capture, so as it stands it is really a set it and leave it job - set up the controls, then reset reaktor. The model can go a bit crazy in response to what it sees as huge forces when you interact with it via the angle and speed knobs.

I don't think it would be a massive job to improve it so that it can restart itself on knob tweaks though.

I didn't work out the maths for this - I found a c++ implementation and converted it to reaktor.

(this is another ancient .ens that's been uploaded to the forum in the past in some form, but I figured it would be good to stick it in the UL for those that missed it)

Have fun.


Colin Brown
3 years ago
Hi justblad. it doesn't make noise. It could be used as a modulation source, but it's not a finished product, more of an unfinished proof of concept. FWIW, Comments in the UL are not the best way to discuss stuff - use the forum! I don't get a notification if you comment here, so I only see a comment if I check the page for this upload - I have lots of uploads, so it can go moths before I see a comment. I usually check the forum daily! Do still make comments though - to say if you loved (or hated) stuff!
3 years ago
Looks fascinating! But as a newbie, how do you set it up so it makes noise? Eg. add a midi input/gate?
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I wish someone would make a musical ensemble with this! Could be extraordinary!
Dieter Zobel
8 years ago
das ist grossartig, vielen dank
Ryan Dean
8 years ago
Absolutely, I'm always mystified by all of your structures and this is no exception. Very useful to me just the same..
Colin Brown
8 years ago
Thanks Ryan. As far as extending this goes, take a look at the complexity of the core processing for just this simple double pendulum - I think that three pendulums on a spinning hub would be a horrific thing to try and implement in reaktor. The lack of iteration in core just makes it too complex. Imagine trying to debug it - the stuff of nightmares.
Ryan Dean
8 years ago
Great fun to experiment with. Something so strange about being able to adjust the length in real time:) Have you thought to attach three of them to a common reversible free spinning hub? Or anything to do with a double inverted pendulum with controllable balance?