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Sequenced Delay with Comb Filter ability

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1.2 (Updated 7 years ago)
August 10, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


AlkeDelay by Riccardo Ferri

I've taken and extended Alkesynth Delay.
AlkeDelay is a sequenced Delay with randomizer,HP/LP and Peak EQ.
There are 2 Tables for controlling Send and Delay Value,
It can be used as comb oscillator aswell, in this case the upper Table is used for Notes pitch.
Tables are snapshot dependant with zoom and loop/reverse ability.
You can control both Values using an external midi, and also you can write inside tables from an external midi,cc1 and cc2, or note/gate when you use it as comb oscillator.

3 Files inside, demo full and lite.
Try demo to look for comb oscillator examples.
Full version has a limiter on feedback channel (like L1 Waves).

Added features:

-Smoothed Random
-Send Knob
-Notes Delay (comb oscillator)
-Random for both tables with more options
-Playable/recordable from ext midi
-Autolimiter on Feedbak channel (Full Version Only)

**********UPDATE 1.1***********
-basic structure rewritten in corecell, less CPU usage
-hp and lp filters can now be used simultaneously and are inside the feedback channel
-added ping-pong button
-added Peak EQ autogain selector
-removed the Lite version
-added send and limiter meters
-fixed some knobs with correct values (db)

********update 1.2*********
minor bugfix for a numeric readout not working properly


Please report bugs/suggestions thanks!


Alessandro Gaudino
5 years ago
Cool delay!
7 years ago
This is very nice - and a cool logo effect as well!
sky 1
10 years ago
Thank You. Great
David Coffin
11 years ago
Can't seem to export an instrument from this; all I get is a RAR file, unextractable…
Joseph Lindsey
11 years ago
very cool sounds! The granular preset workd great for pads!
Tom Cunliffe
11 years ago
Heh! - I've already hacked the delay macro out of your Alkesynth ensemble... I use it quite a bit! Looking forward to trying the new features.... nice one!
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
11 years ago
I can always use a creative delay effect. Thank you for sharing.