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Stereo Tape Delay

Stereo Delay with Tape Simulation

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1.2 (Updated 8 years ago)
May 19, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


Stereo Delay that combines two independent Delays with Tape Simulation, Delay independent Decay Times, subtle Control of very long Delays, a Ducker for even more Feedback Control and a Sweeping Filter

I have used a previous Version of this for many years, and I still like playing around with its long kinda "spacy" Delays, so I tidied it up a bit and here it is. Have Fun!

V1.1: Ducking is not event-based anymore.


ian ainslie
1 year ago
My go-to delay. This thing can create some wonderful effects. Thanks for creating and sharing!
Machtigen Salas
1 year ago
Will check it out thanks!
nanu nanu
6 years ago
this is great. gone straight into an ensemble. thankyou
Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Quality. Thanks a lot.
Raj Bobby RK
6 years ago
Very nice. Thanks for sharing
Stefan Knauthe
8 years ago
Good job...! Thank you for sharing this, it's very usefull...!!!