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Jazzyspoon CHOPSOKKIT V2

Another beat chomping frankenstein machine from my live set.

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3.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 05, 2008
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


I originally made this for a friend (3am), but I thought I would strip it down a little share it with you guys.
updated for Reaktor 6.
It is simply a sample and live input Frankenstein made from other peoples hard work. :)
Thanks to Rc3, Lazyfish, and all the button designers out there. Also thanking exile, Clist, and the NI design team.

Pour one cup of beats into sampler or simply strain live audio through the machine.

You can control the Rekker buttons with octave 3 on any keyboard controller or simply let the randomized sequencer run the show. It's also fun to hold down one of the red buttons while the sequencer does it's work.

Sorry, but there's only 5 master presets. You'll get the idea for it though, I'm sure.

I hope the guys that made all the original little parts to my NI library contributions don't send goons to my door for hacking their work.
I am not taking credit for anything here but the design layout, some light construction, and a need to fulfill.



jason pottorff
3 years ago
updated for Reaktor 6 and added audio example.
jason pottorff
7 years ago
UPDATED 6/21/2012: added better connections, more knobs, and more presets.
jason pottorff
8 years ago
lol, I'll try...
Robert Dukes
8 years ago
cool idea!! :-) thanks man! could you please creake a tool so its possible to make beats like aphex twin on druqks??
jason pottorff
11 years ago
dang, double post. Why does it do that?