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Super VCO V2

Trying to catch the perfect (Super-)Wave

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2.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
October 04, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


I really liked the Sound of the modified Supersaw from my last upload, but i soon discovered that it's detuning-macro doesn't behave ideally for me.

So to find the perfect tuning I put this simple Super Oscillator together, where I have individual tuning of each voice and one spread button that controls all of them.

I think that the basic symmetrical layout that you will find when downloading behaves best for most "bread&butter" tasks.

I have put two of these in an ensemble to demonstrate a full 16x (in this case actually 17x) Super-Waveform

Hope you like it.

V2.1 Update: Fixed a small bug. One of the Oscillators wasn't connected to the switch and allways staying a Square.


2 years ago
THats very very cool!
James Andolini
7 years ago
This is an excellent sounding VCO. Thank you. I will use this in my own builds, might even be my go to oscillator, why bother building another one when this one is so good?
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
If you want to have this as a container in the Herw Modular X please check ou my newest upload.
Jedinhopy Xelon
7 years ago
Out of tune supersaw?
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
the version should have been 1.2... sorry about that, nothing new besides the small bugfix
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
Edit: The Button below the "Tune" knob on panel B switches the selected VCO one octave down. The rest should be self-explanatory.