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3 Stage Core Cell Envelope

3 Stage envelope with Display

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2.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
April 14, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


3 stage Envelope with customizable curves

P.S. you can remove graphic visualization to save more CPU.

p.s Legato has no effect when Polyphonic!!

report issues (if any!) thanks

-Fixed some display issues
-Fixed velocity changes during legato
-Total rewrite of main module (less CPU usage)
-All curves are now available also for release
-Added an "analog" version (changes offset when it starts and it crossfades with the previous one, note that analog version could go over the 0-1 range)

Note that this envelope has sample accuracy, i mean it can be used to create sample accurate ramps/curves aswell, change the sr.r inputs to a constant of "1" inside the corecell and you can use samples instead of seconds!!



Robert Paul
2 years ago
are these based off the SQ-80 envelopes?
Sandy Small
13 years ago
Outstanding! I've been puzzling over how to do such a thing for quite a while
Alessandro Gaudino
13 years ago
yo!! By galex
Ryan Dean
13 years ago
Very much appreciate you sharing your hard work Mr. Ferri.