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A powerful modular filter, easy to use.

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1.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
February 17, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Filter


Four unit, modular, with saturation, delay, many modulators, and a matrix!

a little gift? the peter dines's Freshmaker as a joypad!

tested on OSX.



Raphael Nätscher
5 years ago
Bagnoud Hervé
6 years ago
nice (:
pierre-andre soulier
6 years ago
Hi Marco! thank you! to long time without reaktor :-D bye!
marco vicari
6 years ago
hi pierre! nice to see you again.great filter. love your stuff.
pierre-andre soulier
6 years ago
Hi Peter your Freshmaker is a treasure, many of my instruments use it! thanx for the information, for a future update! cheers!
Peter Dines
6 years ago
Hi Pierre-Andre - always nice to see people using the freshmaker macro. I just updated it due to a bug in the memory recording macro - you might want to install the updated version. Cheers!