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Velocity Curve

Velocity Curve for event processing

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
March 07, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


This macro can be used for velocity curves or as a shaper for event processing. The macro provides a control to select a specific curve; 0 selects exponential, 64 linear and 127 logarithmic as wel as all the possibilities between. The macro expects values in the range 0-1, but the table contains values from 0 to 127. This macro was designed for event shaping in an ensemble called SY66 available at


Ryan Dean
6 years ago
Thank you Jonathan. It might just be my setup maybe I'm asking too much of the RAM for a moment or something. In any case.. I love this's even better than FM8.. The sound is so cutting and bouncy. Scary good! I can always start off my structures with SY66 first and build from there rather than trying to drop it into my setups.
Jonathan Leonard
6 years ago
Hi Ryan, sorry you are getting some crashes! It is a complicated synth, and I'll try instancing an ism version to duplicate. Thanks for the heads up!
Ryan Dean
6 years ago
Awesome! I find myself starting to use SY66 all the time lately.. The quality of sound and handling is mind-blowing. I like to pretend I'm in a giant cathedral alone just blasting on those pipes. One problem though - I'm having trouble pulling it apart even at the ISM level if I try to instantiate it within my own structures I get a crash every time. Do you know what could be causing this or why the ensemble resists being teased apart? Thank you JAL!
Richard Devine
6 years ago
yay, Jonathan, very useful thanks
Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
Very usefull little tool! Thank you!