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Pulse control

midi controller for a pulse

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1.6 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 27, 2013
Reaktor 6


midi controller for a pulse.The controls can be midi learned,so it can get used as a midi controller mapper.
Snapshots aslo work so a library of sounds can be compliled.
I've been using it in conjunction with step seq and MD control(for midi thru stuff)
I also routed the audio back into reaktor so the whole thing feels like an in the box synth that can then be effected with what ever reaktor can throw at it,lots of fun,a new lease of life for an old synth.
v1.6 - complete rewrite, now includes staggered midi transfer for snapshots(and a send all button) insuring reliable transfer of settings.Reskined.


michael lancaster
2 years ago
Sorry i don't use ableton so cant help with that, but in stand alone it should work. This is for the old pulse(rack mount) not the modern desktop. Check midi channels are the same check that reaktor is set to send midi to the pulse(in audio midi settings/midi outputs)
2 years ago
Does this work from within Ableton? I tried all possible configurations to no avail. Also didd not work in Reaktor stand-alone mode.
michael lancaster
3 years ago
Changing the cc assignments isn't to tricky,I don't have machine so i can't test,but it was my understanding that midi transmission within machine was very limited/if at all(it may be different now though)Best bet is to get it working and reassign the cc's in stand alone mode first, then when all is ok try using it with machine.Do reaktor seqs work within machine? if so then try and replicate the patching but with pulse control.
Turby Schmidt
3 years ago
Dear Michael, first of all thanks for sharing all your work with the community! Love your Midi stuff! I was trying to use the Pulse Control as Plugin in Maschine to control my Pulse2 - thought it wouldn't be a big deal to update the CC assignments, but it appears that it doesn't communicate at all. Can it run as a plugin? Do I miss something?
marc lynes
4 years ago
ta' very much.
Adrian Burns
7 years ago
nice thanks for this. Will give it a try and provide feedback :)