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Pentatonic composer

Play the pentatonic scale with only white keys!

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2.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
July 08, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Each white key has it's own pentatonic note unlike common scale quantizers where notes that are close to each other is the same semitone.

In (pentatonic composer). The semitones that are close to each other has a different semitone.

Instant fast pentatonic midi composition.


Jedinhopy Xelon
7 years ago
Adding more scales would be possible. Add a arpeggiator would be too complex.
Alen Pajazetovic
7 years ago
Would be cool to have more scales, and if possible with a chords switch. Something to start a song progression and always being in key. Add an arpeggiator and it's the ultimate composing tool for anyone. Not only for beginners !
Jedinhopy Xelon
8 years ago
So this midi effect is not so special?