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Strange sampler

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3.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
December 14, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Download the samplemap here: ... the version with the samplemap embedded had link problems (dont know why).

1 note is a little experiment.

Its only in testing fase. I had some problems with the sample map, so it is in the zip. Add it to the ensemble with reaktor ;)

It was designed for connect a MIDI controller, map the sliders, press one note, press sustain and tweak... really funny!!

Later it grows a little to a more complicate ensemble (tks people of NI forum ;), with the resonator and the AB poly-slider (tks Antonio Blanca :D ), but i have prepared a panelset for use it as it was designed at the beginnig: only the "1 note" instrument and the scope, map the sliders and tweak.
Of course, you can map the resonator and poly sliders too, but they are a lot of controls, so i will let them to the "design/sequence" proccess.

Note that the samples are not mine, Richard Devine share the 3 first samples in his SoundCloud (,the rest are free samples downloaded from and similar.

See the scheme to see how the ensemble works. Almost all sliders/knobs/anything have Hints... read it! ;)


P.S.: Comment here too, please:
Tks ;)