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Public Telephone

sounds like a telephone

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October 06, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
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essentially this is my artistic recreation of a public telephone. it's not totally efficient in design since it started out with some curiosity as to what certain dial tones sounded like in different countries. (i discovered most were not all that interesting). i then made the interface & hooked what i had together to make it work.

instead of reflecting on any of its "inaccuracies" or what it cannot do, here's what you can do:

dial any number through MIDI

using the interface:
dial 0 for Operator
dial 1 for Long Distance (11 or 15 digit numbers)
dial 911 for Emergency
dial 311, 411, or 611 for other services

local numbers are 7 digits in length

if you're using the interface the outcome of your call is determined by the "outcome" switch.

it currently doesn't have any dual ringing tones (for example, one that goes "0.4 on 0.2 off 0.4 on 2.0 off") and nobody is going to answer any number that you dial.

i'm sure it could be expanded upon, like dialing certain numbers to have Thomas Watson, the Cookie Monster, Mickey Mouse, or grandma answer. feel free to do so if you have the desire.

(thanks to herw & Tun for helping me out with fixing a global reset event issue).


Gennaro Giugliano
7 years ago
Hi Charles,great telephone synth from reaktor :)
7 years ago
Charles, never need a cell - so I take yours!