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Hyroglyphicus Drum Synth

An 8 part drum sampler and synthesizer with built in 8 channel sequencer.

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1.4 (Updated 1 year ago)
November 18, 2013
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Updated on 03/26/2018

Adjusted the midi output note length to auto adjust to tempo

Updated on 03/05/2018

I think I found and fixed the last bug regarding midi output into DAW's

Updated on 02/28/2018

I found and fixed another bug.

Hyroglyphicus 12 Drum Seq V1.2

Updated on 02/26/2018

I found a bug where midi output was sending double notes on everything making it a mess to capture proper midi, that's been fixed.

Everything else is the same.

!!!Now updated to have swing on each drum part as well as a master swing control for everything!!!

Updated on August 18 2014

Watch the overview videos here...

This is an 8 part drum synthesizer and sampler with samples from 27 classic drum machines and an 8 part drum synthesis system.

the sequencer has a funk shuffler and remix options as well as an extended FX rack with tons of modulation options.

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Kisho Glunch
7 months ago
Chris Van Gompel
10 months ago
Klas Linder
1 year ago
can't believe I've slept on this all these years. this is pure magic!
Alex Smith
1 year ago
you the BOSS michael - all your recent stuff KICKS!!! Paypal ya after payday :)
Michael Morris
1 year ago
Wow my fave Reaktor drum synth just got updated, thanks very much Michael!!
Huen Alfee
2 years ago
Nice!Thanks a lot!
ksound kvision
3 years ago
KICKAZZZZ + + + Love It
Huen Alfee
4 years ago
Great work! Thanks a lot!
Roger Kelly
4 years ago
Just what I was looking for! Great!
michael o'hagan
5 years ago
Bosco mac was well credited in the video overview, I just forgot to type it in here.
Artur Chmielewski
5 years ago
...and no credits for boscomac??? not fair.
John Maher
5 years ago
Nice work, definitely got a learning curve but a lot of depth. Looking forward to trying your other new ensembles