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chebby shaper

Chebby shaper with fisrt 12 harmonics ..

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1.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
February 27, 2014
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


▄▄██ ██ █ Chebby Shaper █ ██ ██▄▄

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Well it uses the chebbyshev polynominals pay attention ..cause it can clip easily ..
Anyway , It does give character and subtle or not so subtle effetcs ..
Mouse sweep area for fast editing
Just keep an eye on the 0 db inpustslider

Update added a hard clipper before the cheby polynomial ,so now you can easily crank up the input drive without overloading the cheby shaper.
In other words , it can be used subtle or not so subtle
Update ...replaced the hard clip output for a parabolic saturation .
Also ...input clip amount/treshold is now definable ....


Jordi Maae
7 months ago
Excellent work! Thanks!
3 years ago
Love it! Absolutely stunning sounding...
Steve Mayer
5 years ago
This is a fantastic distortion device. I wish I could assign midi CCs to the harmonics sliders (H2-H12). Maybe it's easy to modify? Time for me to learn Reaktor for real I guess.
Daniel Hogan
6 years ago
Looks interesting. Thank you.
marco vicari
6 years ago
subtle or not so subtle... pretty good for drums. well done ward!