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Color Picker / Color Tool

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1.6c (Updated 3 years ago)
April 10, 2014
Reaktor 6


HSLhoff Reaktor Ensemble
Color Picker / Color Tool / Color Chooser

Picking colors for prototyping and color value conversion made easier!

I use it mainly to change the colors of objects in multi displays or the color of rgb lamps as background filler without opening the old color picker dialogue of windows and without the need to convert the rgba values.

Load the HSLhoff instrument into your ensemble structure, insert a color receiver macro and connect it with the desired object and choose a color within your prefered color space. To save memory and to embed the color permanently, copy the values from the rgb-panel by double clicking on the knob values to constants or similar structures and replace the recievers with them... or store the palette and use the Color Palette Reader by Mark Wadewitz.

In case you want to use the hex color space you've to change the values per digit.

If you encounter problems, please use the comments section.

Version history:
1.6c (2017-03-02)
- Tried to incorporat Marks tips. Thanks a lot! Does everything work?
- Included a default table with a black and white hidden color to make sure the value range is right (is not overwritten by the clear method). Before editing or creating a palette make sure the specs are right.

1.6b (2017-02-26)
- Forgot to add the transparency background to the new palette
- Removed reference to palette txt

1.6 (2017-02-26)
- Modifications on Panel B for loading/editing/storing color palettes with 248 colors which can be used with the Color Palette Reader by Mark Wadewitz
- Somewhat fixes the flagging system for multiple receivers with the same id (thanks Mark!)
Hopefully everything works fine..

1.5e (2016-10-03)
- And the list grows and grows.. now I experienced a problem with multiple receiver instances using the same slot. The first receiver overwrites the update flag and the second one therefore doesn't update its output. As a first solution I added another input port and in case it's the second or more receiver with the same slot simply connect the slot nr also with the unlabeled port. This disables the "eco mode" and the receiver is read with the DClk every tick.

1.5d (2016-09-26)
- Cleans up the "To Sh Ev Table"-macro

1.5c (2016-09-21)
- Because Mark suggested it and because I always use the constants to set the receiver color anyways, I removed the internal knob in the receiver again.
- Bugfixes: Thanks Mark!

1.5b (2016-09-20)
- Stupidly saved the receiver macro with internal mode enabled. My original intention was to enable setting the slot number with a constant in the structure and with the receiver invisible.

1.5 (2016-09-19)
- Thanks to Mark! He gave me the tip to seperate the palette and the sends slots. When "Thru" is disabled you can load, edit and resave colors from one slot to another
- He also suggested to use a flag for reducing the Dclk triggered iteration amount
- Revised the save routine
- Merged the receivers in one general receiver which can be adressed by an asigned number from 1-10 on the Nr input

1.4c (2016-09-15)
- Encountered a bug: on initialization sometimes the wrong color was copied if the user did not change the palette color index. I simply misplaced a snap value module.

1.4b (2016-09-14)
- Reaktor 6 minor GUI-update
- Use of the new layers function

1.4 (2014-11-15)
- Simplified internal structure
- Copy / paste colors from one pallete slot to another
- minor GUI-Update

1.3 (2014-10-03)
- Fixed the color palette selection
- Selected color is highlighted now
- Got rid of enabled eventloops

1.2b (2014-09-27)
- Macro numbering with leading zeros

1.2 (2014-09-01)
- Color palette and color receivers

1.1 (2014-08-20)
- Color conversion between HSL, RGB and HEX values

1.0 (2014-04-10)
- Initial release


Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago
Vorsichtige Anfrage: What´s about Modulators?
Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago could also automatically load the palette from the event table into your edit palettte when loading from disk. Trigger is the DX or DY output of the event table. You only have to be aware of an issue that DX and DY send their events twice when loading a txt or ntf. They do not that on init. In CPR, you find a bugfix macro that latches the DX value only once by Dclk. The double event makes problems in CPR.
Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago
cool! Nice to see you back! You don´t store transparency to the export event table, right? I just ask because "Color Palette Reader" does not support transparency (because i don´t know how to catch the "if" or "if not" automatically). But i see it works! Empty spaces are also exported, but that doesn´t matter. Is it really neccessary to have to press "store" first to get the edit Palette into the Event Table Module (for Disk Backup)?
3 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad that it's coming in handy!
Jonathan Canupp
3 years ago
Such a fine tool this is! Thank you for liberating me from spreadsheets and my hacky color palette ensembles. :)
Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago
I have some wishes, also ;-) Can i contact you (don´t know your forum name)?
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments! @Mark : Yes of course. Thank you for asking! I'd appreciate it if you could keep your upload up to date then - in case I'm updating mine. But I think I fixed one of the last bugs today.. hopefully!
Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago
would you allow me to upload this as part of another panel related UL upload?
Mark Wadewitz
3 years ago
very nice! Thank you for continuity!
3 years ago
Thank you, I need this.
Marcel Stark
5 years ago
really useful. much thx.
Zach S
5 years ago
Great, fun!
5 years ago
My pleasure
5 years ago
Thanks, 5 month ago
6 years ago
Thanx Paul.