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MPT Deep House Chord Stab Synth

Specialises in 1 finger chords for Deep House

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
May 07, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


It's just a simple 6 osc synth with FX that is designed to give the non-musically trained users out there easy access to credible and usable Deep House chords. Each osc is designed to be a note in the chord and it comes with a large selection of snapshots well suited to deep house. You can see it demo'd in these videos - and


leighton mitchell
2 years ago
Thank you!!!
david malania
3 years ago
what actyvator?
Ricky Raisin
4 years ago
thank you
Lennart Lindgren
5 years ago
Thanks so much!
5 years ago
Thank you!
Solar Shaman
5 years ago
Looking forward to the continuation!
philippe nalet
5 years ago
REAL HOUSE MUSIC SYNTH !!!!!! so pure !!!!! thx
steven fearn
6 years ago
hmm wont load into my Reaktor :( what version do I need ?
Danny Lewis
6 years ago
Version 2 is coming soon.. you can see previews up on my facebook page -
Zlokazov Stepan
6 years ago
Michael Oberling
6 years ago
Here's what I came up with.
Mark Bonnington
6 years ago
Luke Whitten
6 years ago
Great sound! Thanks!
Antony Pollak
6 years ago
Good !!!!
Jason Buckenham
6 years ago
Scott Kos
6 years ago
Excellent! thanks!
6 years ago
Great job Danny, what a quality synth. Very useful. We would love to see updates, maybe including electric pianos, organs, etc. This Reaktor ensemble could become the "essential" synth for Deep House producers.
Luis Terrazas
6 years ago
Great work!
Nkosi Baker
6 years ago
this is awesome! got a whole ton of song ideas just from hitting a few keys and paying around with this. Great work!
Richard Bull
6 years ago
Jerome de Almeida
6 years ago
6 years ago
TOP...thank you...
Vincent Brandon
6 years ago
Sat there and just kept hitting Randomize. Built tons of snapshots and nearly all of them are useable. Should be a paid Synth! Honestly!
Massimiliano Alessandrini
6 years ago
Best Deep House patch out there!!!
Lewis Owens
6 years ago
Ryan Marsh
6 years ago
Just what the doctor ordered.
Brent Kallmer
6 years ago
This is an extraordinary ensemble—brilliant from concept to execution!
Michael Riely
6 years ago
Excellent! Perfect and stable, too. Best Deep House Chord i have heard in Reaktor! I Love it!
Kimmo Kivelä
6 years ago
One thing to add: different chords (scales) for each note.
Danny Lewis
6 years ago
Glad to see people enjoying this one. Please post links to your tracks if you use it.. would love to hear what you've created.
Erki Ohmann
6 years ago
Deep pad sound from MPT Deep House Chord Stab Synth
Stefan Knauthe
6 years ago
Very usefull, thank you...!
Jo Oheim
6 years ago
Good clean fun, easy on the cpu, and presets to learn something from. What more could one ask for? Thanks!!
Drew Moon
6 years ago
Awesome! Nice sounds.
Alistair MacIsaac
6 years ago
nice one Danny!
Ilya Zaitsev
6 years ago
Great!!! Thank's