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Massive Groovebox Separate Outs

Added Output Instrument (from Massive1.1ens) to Massive.ens

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May 29, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


I prefer the older version of the Massive 'Groovebox' but like the ability of the newer 1.1 version to have separate outputs for when I use it in a DAW. So I edited Massive.ens and added the 'Output' Instrument from the 1.1 version.

I have not added any Snapshots, so the only difference is the 'Output'. Uploaded because of post in the Reaktor Forum.

You will need Reaktor 5.9 to use this.


alina isabella
4 years ago
this thing is fckn cool used it in class today.awesom
Dan Wentz
6 years ago
You do realize you can load ANY samples you want.
Colin Webber
6 years ago
I'd love to see this type of Mod done for Xdrum. I had a look at how this was done and got myself lost really quick ...
james storr
6 years ago
how do you create separate outs please in live? i've searched and the old tutorial on reaktor in logic is old
Phil Durrant
7 years ago
For me the older version sounds better and definitely has a better set of samples - it is just a personal taste thing
Ng Mui
7 years ago
Why do you prefer the older version, would interest me.