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simple pitch shifter

a small and simple pitch shifter effect

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 01, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


the ensemble has only a pitch knob

it's a timedomain pitch shifter built in a corecell. average sound quality but moderate in cpu use and with low latency.


Machtigen Salas
1 year ago
Rob Matthews
3 years ago
this plugin is awesome for a guitar. I did however, just realize 48000 sounds way better than 41000 so everything is sounding great
Ocean Zen
5 years ago
How do we had a dry wet mix control?
Jan Brähler
5 years ago
ty for the comments :) the concept behind this shifter is the simple windowing of overlapping segments to detach speed from pitch. it's like the phasevocoder but without fft. the main work was to adjust the (then fixed) parameters (overlap, frame size, window etc.), to reduce glitches when the shift amount is changed and to reduce terrible combfilter effects in the upshift. happy that you like it. maybe i'll check it out to make an announcement in the forum when i release the doppler effect ensemble 'asmr relaxing midges'. :)
Colin Brown
5 years ago
Very nice indeed. Can you tell us if this is original work or what it is based on? How does the algorithm work? Also, please announce it on the forum when you release something cool :)
Marcel Stark
5 years ago
nice sounding, less cpu, no gimmicks - in one word: perfect!
Christian Renz
6 years ago
Thank you, Jan, that's helpful!