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Versatile Single/Dual Echo - Delay / Tape-Delay

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2.56 (Updated 3 years ago)
July 23, 2014
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


Kaleidoscopic Wondersound - Welcome to Stereo Wonderland

-The Tape-ish delay from the R6-library with "some tiny" changes and added things...

Edit: (Sorry for the late reply.)
-The song is: Iron Hand by Dire Straits.
-Everything works alright. (An updated GUI is ready. Maybe also as block but i miss the right idea for 1-2 parts atm)
-funny: The last update was 1 month before ReplikaXT came out, which has so many similar features.. of course there are also alot differences.
- ReplikaXT has "cool modes" and more fx. -WonderE has more groove funktions.
-ReplikaXT has alot of tabs. - WonderE does not.

- Carefully set up structure and presets
- DAW ready with custom automation-names
- Tool Tips
- B View with Tips/Manual
- Custom GUI
Audio Example:
Song: "Iron Hand" by Dire Straits
Delay stabs and filtermod with X/Y-pad. (by WonderEcho)
Touch + X/Y recorded as DAW automation. (mouse)
Clicking and moving the XY-pad produced 3 automation lanes named: X, Y and Touch.
I used one more run to activate PingPong (on some words).
- (The XYs ,Duck and Expander can be deleted.)
- (If you wonder... PingPong has no Accent/Cross-Feedback/Feedback-Balance because it is not possible. The knobs/options will disappear)

Thanks for the/any comments!


10 months ago
son para cualquier consola, como se ejecutan, hay que instalarlos en traktor
Branko Zorman
11 months ago
Superb crystal clear sound blended with that eternal echoooooooooiiiiiinnnnnnngggg going up and down. thanks!
Tao Ndanga
12 months ago
A well made device thanks
John Wise
3 years ago
Any thoughts on converting this to a Block?
Michael Bourne
3 years ago
Best of the best ! :) Thanks Jochen
Raj Bobby RK
3 years ago
Thanks again for all your hard work, and for this new wonder echo!! Thank you very much.
andreas haun
3 years ago
wich song and singer are in the demo ?
Martin Géč
3 years ago
Some stuff reminded me of Echoboy and then I have seen your updates in v 2.55. :-) Great ensemble! I particularly like the Duck functionality. This one should be in every delay plugin!
Matthias Schaffner
3 years ago
Bruno Green
4 years ago
Thank you!!!
Justin Browning
4 years ago
This is a great multi-effect with a well-designed user interface. Thank you!!
Eugene Glasgow
4 years ago
thanks .. this is mutznutz love it!!!!! try update later
Icaro Ferre
4 years ago
Love it! Great ensemble :)
Jochen Frehse
4 years ago
:) Enjoy. It's also a brutal distortion-unit.
Felix Petrescu
4 years ago
yay! wonder echo indeed. thanks!:)
Raj Bobby RK
5 years ago
Thank you very much bro...!!!! is very nice and clean stereo echo.
Ng Mui
5 years ago
Very useful, thanks for this and Pre Delay, Pre Delay is being used extensively, really like how you can use it to pitch spin.