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Random Molecules

Snaps/Randomize for Salamader Anagram's Molecular Music Box

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Bryan Lake
1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
August 21, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


15 Snapshots (all within the key signature) for Salamander Anagram's Molecular Music Box, including a randomize feature that more or less arbitrarily switches between each snapshot. Of course, because of the way the trigger modules receive event data, the randomization doesn't switch between each snapshot perfectly, but I found this actually creates some happy little accidents.

Don't worry, it all stays within whatever scale you're using, so it doesn't get all chromatic on you. I've currently got it plugged into Boscomac's Air Piano ensemble just to give you a quick example of what this puppy can do.

Press play. Sit back. Now relax. You're welcome.


Daniel Booth
5 months ago
Generates truly beautiful, melodic music. Not dissonant or unsettling - perfect for ambient.
Théophile Demarcq
1 year ago
Well done! That's great
3 years ago
Tried with absynth and RG (rob papen) as good or better than Little Miss Melody, at least easier
Frank Dr. Schwidetzky
6 years ago
Very well done! Thanks for sharing this beauty
beate gördes
6 years ago
charming, fascinating, brilliant! THX!
Yann Le Saout
7 years ago
Awesome !!! What a pure sound I love it !!! Specially the Delay piano !!! Thanks a lot wonderful sensibility and job !!!
Nico Staelens
7 years ago
Very Nice!Thanks!Love the"little accidents"!
Christian Huygen
7 years ago
Really nice! Thanks.
Gotthard Ortner
7 years ago
How awesome is that. I love your optimization.