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Enhanced Mid-EQ 1.3


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1.3 (Updated 5 years ago)
November 01, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


1.3: ..Enhanced look and feel.
1.2: ..Enhanced look and feel.
(mouse-hovering shows text/value + accurate the Enhanced EQ by NI)
Added bypass to Tube.
1.1: Bypass-buttons corrected.

.."just for fun"-project turned out to be quiet useful.
May complement the Enhanced EQ by NI.
Exactly the same frequencies and gain ranges as the original Mid-Frequency-EQ from NI look.
Variable Q - Definitely NOT the Bandwidth/Q of the original.
Inverted Q-knob, like the Enhanced EQ.

(Smooth operation - Only "Tube power" will cause a glitch.
It is not controlled by preset...)


Daniel Hogan
5 years ago
Looks familiar ;)
Patrick Lindenberg
6 years ago
Nice! :-)
Aaron Zimmermann
6 years ago
Downloading now. Gorgeous UI!
Jordan Harris
6 years ago
Man I just used this along side with Enhanced EQ and using them together made my bass sound amazing. I like it man. I was a bit skeptical just using it by itself, but using the two together made a gorgeous sound.