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MGF AnaWaves

ROMpler synth based on hi-def recordings of analogue waves

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MGF Audio
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February 06, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


MGF AnaWaves is a 3 osc, 2 filter synth with a fixed but semi modular routing and modulation system. The key feature of AnaWaves is that it uses multisamples of numerous high quality waveforms from a few different analogue synths. Every white key is sampled straight from the synth, so only the sharp notes are compensated / interpolated very slightly from the adjacent semitone. This provides an alternative to most ensembles which use entirely digitally generated oscillators (including my own Crisscross synth!). The filters are adaptations of the 3x SVF, prophet and ladder modules bundled with Reaktor and also some upsampled biquads I made from the standard static filters.

Here are some tips on using AnaWaves:
- There are two views, A for general synth settings and B for modulation settings
- Though there are three OSCS with independent pitch and shape controls, OSC A and OSC B are grouped together in a separate mixer to OSC C. The two groups are sent to either of the two filters in varying amounts. The volume of OSC A and OSC B is conveniently controlled by the A/B knob.

- In the modulation view (View B), you can assign a wide variety of modulation routings, all controlled by the big mod amt knob on the far right of each row. At max setting, it renders the associated knob on View A ineffective, and the associated parameter is controlled entirely by the designated modulation sources.

- The output of filter 1 can be fed entirely into the second filter with the F1->F2 control. The output of both filters is mixed with the F1/F2 knob similar to the way oscs A and B are mixed. To use the filter in series, set both F1->F2 and F1/F2 to max.

- Synths sampled include the Roland JX3P, Alpha Juno, Korg Volca Bass + Keys and a Doepfer Modular Oscillator. I'm interested for people to multisample their own analogue gear, I'd really like to make multiple versions of AnaWaves featuring different synths and waveforms. If you would like to help with this you can email me at

- You can also follow me on to keep up with with me. I share other freebies including samples and vsts.


MGF Audio
6 years ago
interested to know how others are going with cpu usage. it seems to have all voices on by default and i've tried a few things to fix this with little luck. i'm a little vague on how reaktor handles it's voices to save cpu. any input, fellow reaktoids?
MGF Audio
6 years ago
(all waves were recorded at 88 or 96 khz)