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Rotating Clock with logic


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V1.00r (Updated 6 years ago)
March 25, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Rotating clock with Logic v1.00r 2015
This consists of 8 clocks with gate/pulse width settings
these feed in to 8 outputs which can set a note,velocity and midi channel to the clock input.
the clock inputs can be rotated or randomized.(set by rotation clock,which has a random button and a freeze button-this stops all rotation and randomization)
this can then be processed with a selection of logic gates.
output 1 feeds its selected clock to one input of the logic gate and clock 2 is fed to the other input.
output 2 uses clock 3
output 4 uses clock 5........etc..
The logic gates are affected by the GATE SETTINGS of the clocks,as the the gate length determins when the output changes from 1 to 0.In logic terms high to low.This is how the 2 clocks interact.
this can result in very short/clipped notes which some synths might not always trigger from(esp hardware midi synth.) this is where the odd beats hide
There are also solo buttons for each output.
The pitch outputs can be Key scaled and a range set for randomizinggg.

playing a drum module : Connect the DM to all 8 clocks via midi connect page. then use the pitch control to assign to a drum sound.
or use a synth or a sample map

The inst. has outputs for a gate or a click for each output. these can be used to replace clocks in other devices.its a bit fiddly to connect but you can get some very different/odd/interesting results.
I've also used it with prismFX connectin clock gate outs to the input of prismFX.
as always experiment.
insperation:Eurorack modules : rotating clock dividers and logic modules as demoed by DivKid.


michael lancaster
6 years ago
I'd be interested to know if this has the same problems,or if it works just fine? I don't have live to test with,i can't remember if i tested it within logic(as a plug in) and its getting modified/expanded at the mo so i can't test it properly.
Ross Barradel
6 years ago
Hi, this looks interesting, I tried something similar but had issues with getting the reset to be bang on in relation to an outside clock (e.g. Ableton etc). Looking forward to seeing how you did it. :)