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Stereo and ping pong delay with filter and modulation

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v1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
April 05, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


This is my 1st build ever since starting to use Reaktor about 3 weeks ago... Its been a roller coaster! Thanks to the quick answers i got in the forum.

2 tap stereo delay or ping pong delay with linked or separate left and right time modulation, multi mode 12/24dB per oct filter section either linked or separate left and right filters, cutoff modulation section either linked or separate left and right LFOs.


3 years ago
Thank you! This delay is amazing. Magical even. I was looking for a replacement for Waves H-Delay -- and this delivered! A+++. You would get an A+++++ if you were to ever release a new version, with evennn moreeee delay type's, such as "Tape, Analog, Lo-Fi, etc". Thanks again! I love it
Justin Browning
6 years ago
Great effect with a classy GUI!!
Raj Bobby RK
6 years ago
Thank You Very Much Bro... This Is Very Nice Stereo Delay.