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Visual Monkeyage

A graphical recreation of the specMonkey GUI

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0.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
April 30, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This vst effect does not change the sound of the audio signal.
But on the other side it looks good.

And it's a eye candy and not a ear candy.


Jedinhopy Xelon
6 years ago
@Tino Müller. Please inject FFT audio core cell knowledge into my brain. If not. I will keep this worthless reaktor ensemble here because for me learning to build stuff like this is impossible for me. @Tino Müller. You might not be able to make me smarter in reaktor magically.
6 years ago
please post useful stuff here, it's better to remove it from the UL
Jedinhopy Xelon
6 years ago
PA, i need FFT guys.
6 years ago
JX, do you want to built something audio in it?
Jedinhopy Xelon
6 years ago
If my uploaded picture is messed. I should remove it or UNmotionBLUR it with photoshop. @adamstrange. Only because you have this FX processor in a vst effect .DLL format does not mean it's compatible with the REAKTOR framework because it's not modular in any way nor have any structure that does everything that the parameter names and lists + buttons describe in function. Spectral style. The content behind the scenes did not translate well in the DSP conversion. But the skin was converted successfully. The body of the beast is empty. And it looks alive on the outside. But inside it has nothing covered. It does not alter the sound at all. It keeps every incoming audio signal UNTOUCHED. And then it makes it useless for audio/sound mangling applications, because the outgoing L+R sound is the same as if 'reaktor' was not used at all. Have fun with this reaktor building idea. It's only a eye candy and not a ear candy.
adamstrange 3000
6 years ago
Wait, do you mean that this is just a picture ? I have this vst, but why put this in here unless you want someone to make a instrument out of it. Also your uploaded picture is messed up.