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filter bank spectrometer

a spectrum visualization

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1.7 (Updated 5 years ago)
June 16, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


this spectrometer uses no fft but a filter bank instead. it is not as accurate or analytical but there are some advantages of this method. movements look smoother, the bass resolution is better and there is almost no latency.

version 1.5:
some tweaks and a kind of calibration done.
optional grid, a filter q control.

version 1.6:
no more gaps when used with fewer bands

version 1.7:
optional slower 2nd layer, upscaled version in the b view


Uwe Baganz
1 year ago
nice one
ilias boufidis
5 years ago
respex for this indeed!
Jan Brähler
5 years ago
thanks. changed the display type so there are no more seperate lines when used with fewer voices. should look better now.
Wong Jhon
5 years ago
Nice work,I just turn down the voices to 256 and the CPU usage is lower.
5 years ago
Nicely done.
Jan Brähler
5 years ago
sure. :) glad to hear this. looking forward to see your instrument. guess the low cpu usage is more a result of the r5.9.3 update.
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
I would like to post an instrument with yours spectrum module... Are you ok?
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
Wow! Wow! Wow! The First Reaktor spectrometer with low CPU!!!!!!!! A new way of instruments coming! Respect