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. H E I S H E R E .


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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
November 19, 2000
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


. . . h e i s h e r e . . .this ens built on ' who is here ' technology :)system requirements : CPUh a v e a n i c e h e a d p h o n e s !


1 year ago
You can't load in into Reaktor 6 before you resave it with R5.
Christopher Soulos
13 years ago
How bizarre. "Zoo series, evening" is like sitting thru an experimental music concert.
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
for any R5 users, i believe this is the great grandfather of skrewell, if you like skrewell play with this.
hell woooda
16 years ago
10 vote and no comment = hand cramp from typing, gee
Peter Todd
18 years ago
I got it to work (?! ;) by making the macros poly, and adding voice combiners at the end (then reducing amplitude a lot). I think that gets about the right result. It's definetely growing on me. Best balloon squeek emulator I've heard in a long while, and that's saying something.
Bodo Kuznik
18 years ago
Can anybody help me !!!
Kevin Hopper
18 years ago
Widely recognised as a masterpiece and probably one of the greatest works of art of the early 21st Century. Full of bewildering harmonics, volatile and unpredictable, Heishere can sound like anything from a free improvising saxophonist to an elephant on heat. And one seems to understand its elegant insides apart than the author.
Rick Shapiro
18 years ago
Sven Röhrig
18 years ago
interestingg comment.. i would like to know what "who is here technology" is supposed to be... its a pitty that i wasnt able to get sound of it on a mac...dont seems to be v4 kompatible
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
so i will :-) this is one of the all reaktor classics and probably the most talked about reaktor uploads ever. it was originally uploaded for version 2x. if you like scarry dark pads and noises then download this. if you like pretty ambient stuff, you will hate this. it is very difficult to understand how it works and with a lot of lazyFish, i think he does not want you to understand;-) if you are new to reaktor, you should download this.
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
what is the point of giving a 10 vote and you don't make a comment?