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ContraBand + StereoExpander

MonoToStereo + Stereo Expander

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July 23, 2015
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(reupload.. 1h later..tooltips fixed..
Akward presets? I made some with two not very similar speakers..)

Customized handling of dual (LR) 10-Band EQ [Design by NI]
+ StereoExpander [Design by Guenther Fleischmann - Vitalizer]
(Mouse pointer over knob shows the value)
NI 10-band EQ
Paint/Drag frequency-bands with mouse to left or right side.
When a freq is raised on the left side, it will be reduced by the same amount on the right side.
..contra... band.
Alternating bands does not change the volume.

- No delays or mid-side hocus pocus.
- Mono made to stereo and then collapsed back to mono..sounds like the original mono. (No change in phase correlation)

Inject phase inverted signal from one side to the other (LR). Use the Filter to only effect the high freq area.
- MonoToStereo
Alternate some bands and mono becomes stereo. --> Then use optional StereoExpander.
- Adjust Stereo:
Grab the freq-band of e.g. the snare in a drumloop and place it in the stereo-field.

A. Hint: Stereo Expander alone has no effect on mono-sources
B. Idea: Automate the "shift" knob with a slow LFO to get slight movement

I used Multidisplay-tutorials and part of the structure from one .ens found here:
Thanks alot for putting it online. is a very good website.


1 year ago
I was thinking to make something like this but I have no idea where to start, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, my saviour. I would donate you for coffee.