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Wavetable/Bode synth

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0.5 (Updated 6 years ago)
August 23, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


MashUp of bits from previous Reaktor Library tools:
Jim Hurley's WavOsc - in stereo
Peter Dine's Roux sequencer
ZDFF filters based on Salamanderanagram's tutorials
Bode Frequency Shifter based on Sean Costello's
Have Fun


Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
Really cool, thank you.
6 years ago
David, when your next update is load up incl. my snapshots - I delete my upload quickly.
david elson
6 years ago
Cheers Paule... can i put them in the next update? @Ng Mui... i looking at options for that.... also... for some reason not all the waves are loaded...
6 years ago
David, I done 11 presets for your version 0.5
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Nice, using a menu for Wave A would be better I think with 99 entries, much easier to swap em than scrolling all the way.