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Filter Bank Spectrometer Block

spectrum visualization building block

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1.01 (Updated 5 years ago)
September 10, 2015
Reaktor 6


a building block that displays the spectrum of the connected input. an adaption of the r5 ensemble 'filter bank spectrometer'. just wanted to give the building block layer a first try.


Grzegorz Lasota
1 year ago
Really amazing. However, after updating reaktor to 6.3.1 started crashing the application whenever I would delete a wire connected to it. Don't really understand that behavior. If someone knows why this is happening, let me know.
Tom Traubitz
5 years ago
Great block! Thanks!
ae ae
5 years ago
Thank You Jan
Christian Linder
5 years ago
perfect companion for the included scope Block. Thanks Jan.
Jan Ola Korte
5 years ago
Thanks for posting the first Block! :) Featured on FB now:
Jan Brähler
5 years ago
Ng Mui
5 years ago
I saw this one coming, hehehe, geez can't wait to upgrade but I have to :(
Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
Oh the excitement of Jan's many amazing ensembles in block form. I also hope this is the first of many exciting new 'Brähler Blocks'.
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
Congrats Jan on being the creator of User Block Number One! And may there be many more!