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4 Voice Split

4 channel voice allocation Block, for making poly patches!

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September 14, 2015
Reaktor 6


Voice allocation in the same manner as you'd find on some classic old polys, like Oberheim 4/8 voice etc..

I really enjoy this approach to polyphony, considerably more flexible that the usual method. Can have subtle difference between voices, or even completely different architecture. Also gives more control over which components of your patch are poly, and which remain mono.

The Block itself is very straight forwards. 4 x pitch and gate outputs. Panel controls for selecting MIDI channel, pitch bend range, and unison.

I'm sure more features could be incorporated... Komplete Kontrol colours for example. Bare in mind, you can pair this up with the standard Note In module, if you want mod wheel, after touch etc.

Poly Blocks sound amazing!!!

Edit: Unison mode sending unwanted events. Now fixed, also added unison spread and glide.


James G
4 years ago
When I hook the pitch/gate into a simple oscillator I get only weird klick sounds. Anyone else with the same problem?
Forrest Riege
4 years ago
Mads Martinsen
6 years ago
You just made blocks A LOT more fun.
mike acton
6 years ago
Great block David!!! thanks for sharing. Are there any plans to add velocity for each voice?
Simon Sherbourne
7 years ago
Brilliant! Thank you David. I'm using this with Internal Control connections and hiding panels to gang the voices.
Paul Ortiz
7 years ago
Amazing! One small suggestion; a voice select mode would be cool. So incremental (1-4, repeat), reset (1-4 polyphonic but always start at 1 when re-triggered) or random. I've been creating some cool patches in Reason where various voices are longer/shorter, up/down an octave or a fifth and they're selected randomly as you play. Just a suggestion, otherwise I'll have to figure out how to do it myself! Question is, am I bright enough ;)
ae ae
7 years ago
Thank You David
7 years ago
Very nice, but indeed, as Josue said, an 8 voice version would be nice!
Brett Lavallee
7 years ago
Thank you for your work, this is great.
Josue Arias
7 years ago
Great thanks!!! what about 5, 6 and 8 voice versions??
Fredrik Halvorsen Ihle
7 years ago
Thanks! :)
tim h
7 years ago
thanks for making this because i was planning to and now i don't have to :D
Fred S
7 years ago
Thanks you !! great update features
Matt Cellitti
7 years ago
Colugo _
7 years ago
Great work!
Christian Linder
7 years ago
Easy to set up and does what it says on the tin. Brilliant job David!
Bryce Upright
7 years ago
This is definitely the best way to do Poly...having different voicings can lead to some very creative patches! Excellent job David
Jason Leiter
7 years ago
It seems a few of us are trying to work around the monophonic limitations. Well done.
7 years ago
Excellent! After reading so many comments about the 'lack of polyphony', I felt similarly inclined to build a block to demonstrate this classic trick. You've done a much better job - I'm excited to explore it in depth. And I hope this extinguishes anyone's doubt about the potential of this environment. ;) Cheers and thank you!