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Blocks Auto Filter

Blocks Filter modulated by an Envelope Follower and Synced LFO

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September 15, 2015
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Blocks Ensembles


Inspired by Ableton Live's 'Auto Filter' The idea behind this is to have an effect where an Envelope Follower and LFO can modulate a Filter.

The main inputs are for the sound that is going to be filtered - a typical use would be a pad sound.
Inputs 3 and 4 are for a Sidechain input - -typically a kick sdrum sound. These inputs are summed and sent to the Envelope Follower.

The Envelope Follower's output has been connected to the Mod A input of the SVF Filters.

Two filters had to be used to make this a stereo device. The controls of the 'Master' filter also control the controls of the 'Slave' using the To/From Connect feature.

LFO Synced - by Mete Atam - is connected to Mod B of the filters.

This is an example Ensemble demonstrating my upload earlier:


6 years ago
Nice one! Good idea to slave the second filter via internal connections.