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Blocks Trance Gate Clock Divider

Trance Gate with Filter/LFO/Delay and 2 triggered ADSRs

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
September 15, 2015
Reaktor 6
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Trance Gate using a Clock Divider to trigger ADSRs

Only the first 2 Gate outputs from the CLK DIV are in use. The first one is triggering an ADSR for the VCA and the second one, triggers a second ADSR that triggers the filters.

Like my last upload, the Left SVF Filter is the 'Master' and the Right SVF Filter, is the slave. Please note you can still change the parameters of the 'Slave' to have independent control!

An LFO can also modulate the filters. With independent control over the filter settings, some filtered panning can be achieved.

Two CVP's have been used as controls for Env Amount and LFO Amount. That means it is easy to do live tweaking and also record this as automation without additional programming. To clarify, by default, the Mod A and Mod B settings in the filters do not have Automation IDs.

The Rounds Delay has been added to spice up the rhythms.

The Clock Dividers provide a quick way of changing rhythms and also have the possibility of setting 3 against 4, etc, etc between the Amplitude modulation and filter modulation.


6 years ago
Just when I thought Reaktor was on its way out, they pull us all back in! Nice to see Phil Durant working on Blocks. The future looks bright again.