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Block - Brass Oscillator

Wavetable oscillator containing brass waveforms

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September 16, 2015
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V2: Now has five mutes which can be added onto the bell.

This oscillator block contains a map of trumpet waveforms by pitch and loudness. It can be transposed down into trombone and tuba ranges.

The wavetable was created by analyzing trumpet samples from a sample library.

It's included in an ensemble whose loudness (pp through ff) is controlled by the modulation wheel.

This was just an experiment, really, to learn how to make a block.

My thanks to Sandy Small, whose Microwave Oscillator I used as a template.


michal ptasik
3 years ago
Thank you Chet. I will try to combine it with "Improper AMDF macro" pitch and gate tracker in order to get ultimate 6 (string) channel trumpet guitar synth. I've made it with Silverwood and Herald Brass with great results. But with Steampipe something went wrong.
Matthew Nicholson
3 years ago
Thank you Chet, I've been following you since the NMG2 days. I appreciate your continued work.
ae ae
4 years ago
Thank You Chet
Colugo _
4 years ago
really nice!
Sandy Small
4 years ago
Sounds amazing! I've been hoping to see some of your work turn up in block form.
Phil Durrant
4 years ago
Great to see you making Blocks already Chet :)
Jason Leiter
4 years ago
Wow, this is excellent. Thanks.