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Auto-Time Stretcher v1.2

A granulizer that stutters at dynamic peaks

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v.1.2 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 22, 2015
Reaktor 6
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This granular effect (a 4 voice glissando granulizer) takes the incoming audio input and detects if it reaches a peak (</>). If so it triggers a granular time-stretch starting at that peak with the corresponding grain length and period between grains. Use the Release, Threshold and Sensitivity to fine tune where these triggers take place. Now supports 4 Mod Inputs (ABCD). I was also able to fix that freezing bug!

This is the block version of auto-time stretcher I made 6 months ago :


Gleb Bondarenko
4 years ago
upd. In Reaper automation just works fine, so the problem as always in gayish apple's logic pro x.
Gleb Bondarenko
4 years ago
Great FX for drums! Thank you! How can I automate Mix param? Can't see it in god damn logic pro x, even with Automation Enabled on that control in edit mode.
Gotthard Ortner
4 years ago
Thank you, its a amazing Block
Joona Lukala
4 years ago
thank you! great block
Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
this thing creates easy wondrous effect on any audio. thanks for this Joey!
ae ae
4 years ago
Thank You Joey