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Block - Bit Mix 1.0

Evil digital twin to Logic Mix

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 06, 2015
Reaktor 6


Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series!

Takes in two signals, turns them into 8-bit signals, and processes them in a bitwise fashion. Think of it like a bitcrusher on steroids.

Each channel has a MODE control. This determines the bit encoding type for that input (See the A/D or D/A Blocks for more info on encoding/decoding types). A MODE switch on the bottom-right determines the decoding type. Make all three match for more predictable sounds.

Each channel has a MIX control. This determines the amplitude of the channel. Turn on the "X2" mode to use it as an amplifier.

Each channel has an OFFSET control. This occurs *after* the gain control. To help deal with DC offset, an AC/DC switch is on the bottom. In AC mode, DC offsets will be filtered out. Use AC mode for audio. Use DC for LFOs and modulation signals.

OR: Bitwise OR of both signals.
AND: Bitwise AND of both signals.
XOR: Bitwise XOR of both signals.
INTER: Interleave bits. Most significant bit for output is taken from input 1. Next significant bit is taken from input 2. Next significant is taken from input 1...
C-ELE: C-Element bitwise operation.
SUM: Simple summing of both channels. Use for standard mixing.


Artem Moroz
1 month ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
1 year ago
Awesome, thank you Michael!
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
Fantastic! I see using this in my music as well as many others or your creations. thank you! And thanks for including an example ensemble.
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
The ultimate plan is to write a textbook for the class I teach on modular synthesis and release it online. I'll see about YouTube videos. For this Block, though, just wing it. Even though I built it, I still just kind of randomly select things until it sounds good. This is less of a curated sweet-spot machine and more of a source of endless digital chaos!
Martin Géč
5 years ago
Tutorials would be awesome :)
andreas haun
5 years ago
aaahhh. it's xmas time !!!. let them coming. any tuto vids or descriptions planned ?
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
Finished? No way! I still have a list of at least 20 more Blocks that I want to do hahah. I've finished all of the Bitwise Blocks that I wanted to do (A/D, D/A, and now BitMix). The next few are going to be more complicated, so the releases will be spaced farther apart. I also have a lot of upgrades planned for older Blocks.
andreas haun
5 years ago
thought your have finished the series !? but i have nothing against more blocks from you !