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Multi-BP-EG Block

Multi BreakPoint Envelope Module for Blocks

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0.11 (Updated 3 years ago)
October 08, 2015
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MultiBP-EG Block Version 0.11

This block is, for all intents and purposes, Erik Weigand's module provided in the "building blocks" macro collection converted to blocks format.

This block adds modulatable time scale and shape-factor, velocity sensitivity, and blocks compatible audio gate and modulation inputs.

Please feel free to leave any feedback, feature requests, or bugs below or on my blog

Version 0.10 Initial release
Version 0.11 fixes bug that prevented movement of breakpoints.


Block converted from the NI buliding blocks macro originally written by Erik Weigand.

Copyright 2015, Daryl Posnett,
Portions copright Native Instruments

This code is Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA Remix and redistribution, with attribution, within the NI library is allowed as long as you grant the same license terms to others.


Time scale changes the time over which the envelope completes its cycle.

Shape factor modulates the shape of all segments.

The B-Panel contains the original snapshot loading controls, however, all factory snapshots have been saved as instruments snapshots. The macro snapshots are left in for future work. If you feel that they would be useful for some reason, they work as they did in the original module.

Additionally, the B-Panel contains a control to change the re-trigger mode. This was intended to be to control note-stealing which is of no concern in a monophonic module, however, it's also left in for future work.


Philip Mease
11 months ago
Nice and flexible. Can it function as a 1-shot? or is it locked in cycle mode?
Lewi Glenis
11 months ago
Very functional looks great thanks a lot.
das wesen
2 years ago
DJ Wreckage
2 years ago
Looking good TJ! Nice to see folks taking another looks at Erik's fantastic creation(s) ! I requested this feature to Erik before, do you have the skills to make this envelope reversible? Thanks again for your contribution to THE library!
2 years ago
This is exactly the type of flexibility that I was looking for in an envelope. Just like the envelope builder in Absynth. I also like the "one-shot" snapshot, seem like the only block that can do this atm. Something I noticed with the grid and time scale knob. When it is at 0 (top) the time values of the envelope breakpoints do not seem correspond to the grid in the same manner across different snapshots, at least not in free mode(sync off). For example(if I remember correctly), using the "one-shot" snapshot I had to set the time scale knob to -50 to get the correct envelope times according to the grid and breakpoint values, while in the "adsr" snapshot the time scale knob had to be at +25. I Hope that I am making sense. Thank you for making this!
Tekno Junque
2 years ago
Just a quick note to let the most recent posters know that I'll be taking a look at these bugs fairly soon.
boba fett
3 years ago
The very first BP's shape is not working. It's always an exponential curve, no matter how you set it visually.
finfreluche joursin
3 years ago
Thanks you for this great work. (a reset (retrig) option could be nice for a next version)
Starik Gen
3 years ago
Looks similar to the new Rossum Control Forge the E-mu Morpheus’s Function Generators
Ricky Evans
3 years ago
Hey, I was using this as a volume envelope on the main output amp and noticed that the attack and releases are not aligned. I'm not very techy but I read that with envelopes, the starting attack time needs to be the same as the last value outputted by the release section. If this is not happening, when new MIDI information is received, the attack jumps to a new value (different to the last value in the release) and creates 'clicking'. This envelope is clicking. Is this a bug? Anyone else found this or know a work around as it is by far one of my most used blocks! Very handy.
Andreas Maerki
3 years ago
Thank you!
neil rosson
3 years ago
This is awesome thanks.
David Frappaz
3 years ago
Working like a charm, thanks a lot!
Tekno Junque
3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback guys, the breakpoint movement bug should be fixed.
Phil Durrant
3 years ago
Yes, I can't move anything in the release part of this - up-down. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future version?
David Frappaz
3 years ago
Hi, I'm having a hard time moving the env BPoints around. It looks like there's a display conflict between global envelope moves and BPoints moves. (when I move a BP, the whole env moves but not the BP)
Tekno Junque
3 years ago
Hi Jim, pretty much. But I think that more importantly, it isn't keeping with the blocks philosophy in terms of power exposed in easy to use interfaces. That said, I do have plans for adding more powerful modulation features, I just wanted to get this first revision out because we were talking about it in the forums.
3 years ago
I guess it would be a lot of work to be able to modulate each breakpoint.
Joey Valizan
3 years ago