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Block - Karplus 1.0

String-tone Generator and Tuned Delay

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 14, 2015
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Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series!

This is a classic string-tone generator. A quick-noise burst is run through a tuned delay line with heavy feedback.

This Block features the Bento Oscillator FM Core for tuning the delay line, giving it the ability to create wild granular patterns or spacey detuned strings. You can choose between two noise types (White or LFSR), and can change the decay and cutoff of the noise. In addition to this, you can use external signals of your own design.

Pitch - Frequency of the delay line.
Gate - Triggers the internal amplitude envelope
FM - Frequency modulation source for the delay line.
EXT IN - External Input

OUT - Main out
BURST - Post-envelope, pre-delay signal (i.e. the input to the delay line).

FREQ - Big blue knob. Controls the frequency of the delay line.
FM - Controls the amount of FM upon the delay line.
OFST. - Amount of signal that bleeds through the internal decay envelope. Modulate this if you wish to use an envelope of your own design. Raise it to 1 if you're using your own percussive input.
DECAY - Decay time of the internal amplitude envelope.
COLOR - When using an internal noise source, this acts as a high-pass filter. When using an external source, this acts as a sample-rate reducer.
WHITE/LFSR - Choose the internal noise type
INT/EXT - Choose between internal noise or an external signal.
OUT - Output level.


Artem Moroz
7 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
5 years ago
Oh yes this is a trouble over the years. Person's rating?!? Or not ratings!
Mark Williamson
5 years ago
Michael - this track I posted uses a LOT of your blocks. Thank you!
Mark Williamson
5 years ago
ha funny. Was just looking for one of these. This patch is full of cool things you've made
Martin Géč
5 years ago
Michael, keep up the great work and don't let be disappointed by some anonymous weirdo. :-) Looking forward to more stuff from you! I use your blocks almost in all of my Bitwig projects now. :)
Bryce Upright
5 years ago
Amazing Block by the way Michael.
Bryce Upright
5 years ago
Awesome Block Michael....don't let the grumpy guy get to you. By the time the rest of us rate your Blocks they are always 5 star anyhow. :-)
ferrie = differentieel
5 years ago
as Tommi says: don't let yourself down by a hater - - you are a master in User Blocks - - great respect you earn
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
WOW. I'm getting some truly interesting sounds from this. Thank you SO much!! Love this...
Tommi Theatralo
5 years ago
haters are everywhere... your stuff is incredible and for free.. everyone should be happy about it
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
To the person who keeps rating my Blocks 1-star right after I post them: could you explain what you dislike about each Block, or if you are having trouble using them?