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Beat LFO + Auto XF (for Blocks and Bitwig 2.x)

Pattern controlled synced LFO/EG Hybrid

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
October 24, 2015
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


NOTE: this doesn`t produce any Audio (tough it does, but you would recognize it as DC-Offset and see your Speakers poppin out). it is a rhythmical swiss knife modulation-source for a lot of different jobs.

Update 1.1a:
-deactivated the envelope follower in bitwigs audiomod for full quality

Update 1.1:
- Added a Audio Selector for routing all (CV)-Outputs to the Audio Out of Reaktor. So you can use it in Bitwig as Modulator
- Bitwig 2.0 Project file included with example

Major Update 1.0 with lots of new features.
make shure to visit the new Panel B features.
more infos: see below

This is not an official Block, but it fits nice between blocks, can modulate blocks in audioquality and important parameters can be modulated by Blocks and Bitwig Modulators. There is no typical Block-smoothing going on.
you can find some help and how to use it in Bitwig in the comments!

This device generates a curve (touch the curve display!) which is temposynced to the gate-sequencer.
The patterns of the gate sequencer can be sequenced by the pattern-sequencer just below (link-option). The gate is modulating the output-"Volume" of the curve.
In the second window you can find the curve and another sequencer called "swing-sequencer" which is modulating the phase of the curve (which results in a swing-like behaviour, up to reverse sounding effects. depends on use).
-the swing sequencer can be linked to the gate sequencer.
-everything is saved in snapshots.
-a remix function for the sequencer
-smoothing knobs for seq-patterns and main-output
-extra "CV-Out" for the Sequencers, so you can use them for Blocks too

-as long as the swing sequencer resolution is linked to the gate-seq it follows the tempi-jumps and should not produce any glitches. But a hard attack, if the Phase is at 0°.
-raise some swing sequencer steps completely for reverse envelope effects
-It works really good as percussive envelope, connect the main out of BeatLFO to a VCA and apply some gating to simple noise. Please do this while antoher drumloop is running.
-unlinking the swing-patterns resolution will cause glitches, stair effects etc
-dotted mode is way more stable to the curve than the triplet mode. the triplet is cutting/jumping sometimes. maybe a bug, but i like it.
-try modulating Acid Filters Cutoff and everything else
- take 2 Drumloops, or 2 Synth, or 2 even complete songs and crossfade / remix them live in a rhythmical consese

Thanks to Andre Goc and everybody else, who worked on the "Silverbird Live" Ensemble and previous Versions. The Sequencer was taken from there and slightly modified.

Thanks to Jan Gabler, the Curve was taken from his Ensemble "Beat Controlled Shaper".

Thanks to Josh Hinden, the beautiful Scope was taken from his Ensemble "Wave Scope".

And Thanks to Herwig Krass for his Song Position Module and Help

This is my first Instrument/Ensemble. i am completly new to reaktor (some weeks) and had a lot to lern. i will try to manage the things better next time...
Thanks to everybody who is helping in the Forum. YOU ARE AWESOME.

to the users: would be nice to see some snapshot banks for this :)

Update 1.0:
-added lots of tooltips
-kosmetic changes
-some new Snapshots
-added a picture for Instrument Browser

New Major Featrue in 1.0: Live Remix Crossfader
-added a Autocrossfade Mix-Matrix on Panel B:
-manual Crossfading, can be treated in several ways with the outputs of Gate-pattern, Swing-pattern and BeatLFO
-Invert and mode switches are quantised to the next step and shouldn`t produce any glitches in live situations!
-added 3 extra CV outputs: XF Main Out (optimised for Crossfaders, or just another modsource for everything), XF Left VCA and XF Right VCA (for selfbuilding crossfaders, Sidechaining, or more modsources)
-Linear/Parabolic mode for VCA outputs
-added a new input to modulate the crossfader externally (with optical feedback)
-the main crossfade got it`s own scope
-deactivating the XF modulations doesn`t save any CPU (no clicks on switching -> Live use)


Catman Dude
1 year ago
Thala, this is a very nice, intricate, sensitive instrument, even without using it in Bitwig. (I use Logic.) I was getting some NaN's that I think I traced to the Triplet / Dot switch buttons. I may have fixed the problem with a Separator, but am still testing. (If you read these things.)
Thala Estra
3 years ago
i made a guide on using blocks or everything else using audio to transport modulations into bitwig:
Thala Estra
3 years ago
Hint: Prefer VST3 or internal Bitwig-devices. only these get modulations with full Audio quality. Modulations for VST2 devices are downsampled by bitwig for compability, just like "CV" is handled in Reaktor. My Beat-LFO produces its "CV" at full audiorate, thats the reason why i haven`t chosen midi output as CC! beside i don`t have any idea how to generate it in Reaktor :)
Thala Estra
3 years ago
if you want to modulate a audio stream (wav-file played by the DAW) effect like a Ladder Filter you don`t need any "note recievers". Put your audiofile into another Track and put a "audio reciever" device inside the FX-Slot of the Audio-Mod which is converting reaktor-audio into "CV". select the Audio track as source for the audio reciever and add your desired effect device (anything, even VSTs are possible) behind the audio-reciever inside the FX Slot of the Audio mod device. now you are ready to mangle any Audio (this could be a synth as well, like in the first example/comment. Hope that helps! bitwig routing can be confusing if you don`t do it by yourself :) so many possibilities...
Thala Estra
3 years ago
the easiest way is: delete the polysynth in the example and replace it with your synth. The Output of my Device is a normal Audio-Stream. You have to convert the audio in bitwig via Legacy (BWS1.0) Audio-Mod-Device into "CV". You can only deactivate the Envelope Follower in the Legacy Audio-Mod, but not in the new 2.0 Audio-Sidechain Modulator. This is the big advantage of the legacy device (converting Audio 1:1 into "CV" without EnvFollower). put your synth into the "FX"-slot of the Audio-Mod. now you can modulate everything inside this FX slot. since my ensemble isn`t passing through midi signals you need to pick a "Note Reciever" and put it in front of your Synth inside the FX slot. the easiest and most flexible way is creating another instrument track and pick the midi from there via note reciever. in my example project i have used the 1st Note reciever just as pick up source-"point" for the second note reciever inside the fx slot (just to have a selectable source for the second note reciever). thats the reason why you can play midi in the same track in my example.
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I can't figure out how to use this in Bitwig with other synths. What is the output and how do I send it to an instrument?
Thala Estra
3 years ago
:) have fun with it! i hope the project will still work in bitwig 2.1 release, since they have just fixed a feedback-bug with note recievers in beta-2. maybe we need to spread some things over different tracks then. (no note reciever chaos like in this example.)
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
love this! thank you for the Bitwig preset. very handy!
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
This looks really great. Would it be possible to include an example hookup in the next version?
Kimmo Kivelä
5 years ago
Oh, this is useful. :)
Thala Estra
5 years ago
very useful on a DJ-crossfader