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Poly Nano

A simple polyphonic synth built with Monark blocks

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0.10 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 24, 2015
Reaktor 6


A simple ensemble that uses blocks to paraphonically modulate the output of a simple polysynth based on blocks macro conversions.

This is experimental, I have not spent any time creating presets as I'm still working out what is useful to me to have in a poly used within blocks in this type of patch. I'm posting it so that other people can play with blocks converted to poly macros. Note that this is not completely built with blocks conversions. The VCA and the Mixer use standard Reaktor primary components, even though they have snazzy blocks U/I bits.

The ensemble consists of the poly-nano instrument and a sequencer use to gate the output paraphonically. There are a few presets in the ensemble and in the synth, but are by no means exhaustive, or even demonstrative, it's what you get in version 0.10 of an experiment :)

The polyphonic representation of modulation rings is using the poly display as presented by Donald Phillips. The modulation leds, however, are not an accurate representation of the modulation signal, just use them as an indicator that modulation is present.



A simple polyphonic synth based on macros derived from blocks.

OSC1 is wired to filter FM
OSC2 can be used as LFO and modulates all other B inputs

The mixer and VCA are very simple and are not at all derived from blocks. The VCA has one modulation input which is coneected to the VAC EG.

The modulation EG connects to Mod A of the filter and both oscillators. The VCA EG connects to mod B the second oscillator

The mixer is static and cannot be modulated.

Copyright 2015, Daryl Posnett,
Portions copright Native Instruments

This code is Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA Remix and redistribution, with attribution, within the NI library is allowed as long as you grant the same license terms to others.


Reinhard Bueb
4 years ago
I love easy to use and effective things. This is one. I am musican and no prhrammer, I can't create such synths. So I am very grateful and hope for more. I have combined it an mirco tune scale and play it in just intonation. Sounds great.
Efflam Le Bivic
5 years ago
Nicely done. You even went as far as to rework mod indicators into polydisplays :) very nice.