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Signal Analyzer

Signal Analyzer based on partial framework

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0.1b (Updated 4 years ago)
December 01, 2015
Reaktor 6
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Math is beautiful. Watch the beauty of the FFT algorithm, which comes at almost no CPU. The spectroscope implements a short time fourier transfom and is the most intuitive way of looking at an audiosignal.

Notice: Some users had problems running my test ensembles containing the analyzer on macbook. It causes Reaktor to crash on (some) of this systems. I will overwork the design soon.

-I tidied up the code and added some documentation to the core macros
-The algorithm is easier to adjust to other segment lengths. A macro with info text is added to Primary level to provide the number of samples per segment.
-The butterfly is now ported to Reaktor 6 core style. The complex math is similar to the TF-Toolkit macros. So I adapted their interface to look like the built-in complex math macros in the TF-Toolkut with bundled complex signals to maintain a readable and beautiful code.
-In the core cell you can choose between a 2-radix-fft, a 4-radix-fft and a 8-radix-fft. Just make sure you follow the instruction in the [N] macro on Primary Level.
This analyzer intentionally shows some of the iterative algorithms, I have made based on the iteratiion library of the partial framework.

It contains a
-waveform display based on a multi display
-fft display based on a multi display
-and a spectroscope based on an event table

A real basic signal analyzer without any control so far. A nice interface should be implemented. Further signal processing would be nice.

You can tweak the algorithm for other window-lengths. Just make sure it is 8 based, because the FFT is radix-8. For 2 or 4 based window-lengths replace the radix-8 with radix-2- or 4-fft macro, which is placed next to it in the Write/Read cell.

Under construction...

Feel free to comment or to leave any suggestions for features, controls or dsp tweaks.


Pawel Panasewicz
8 months ago
I could not make it working. I run Reaktor6 fx. Although there is no audio it draws some images.
Robert Wagner
3 years ago
tried 3 times, always crashed my reaktor 6.
Benjamin Poddig
4 years ago
Thank you for your feedback. I will overwork this soon.
Jonathan Canupp
4 years ago
This is really inspiring and useful. Math is beautiful, indeed - and this exhibits such beauty with elegance.