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Waveform Display / Audio Table Visualizer

Waveform display / Audio Table Visualizer

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v1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
February 06, 2016
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Waveform display / Audio Table Visualizer built with multi-display modules. It has a mouse-area overlay that maps it's range and offset. Color and Alpha are determined by audio amplitude. It would be interesting to see these characteristics by realtime fft analysis. The color of the waveform can be adjusted in 16 different ways by clicking the colored square to the left. The screenshot is the result of me switching the setting in rapid succession. Buffer Length is adjustable up to 10 seconds. Pixel Length adjusts the size of each drawn rectangle, which is also modulated by amplitude. A delay knob has been included that controls the offset of the black cursor, which can act as a read position.


matty Krosschell
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
Thanks, this is really nice. By the way, mapping a lfo to the color input works well for a psychedelic effect.