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The Swarm

Random Sound Generator

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1.4 (Updated 6 years ago)
February 15, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


Another Sound Generator (As if we don't have enough of 'em already).
Maybe this one is different.

1.4 note: "Welcome to the New Order" : You can now integrate and use samples as Soundsource!

- OSC Section: 4 OSCs x 8 Voices are available. With the knob on the bottom right of the OSC section you can choose which OSC you want to edit now. Each OSC has 8 different waveforms it can generate: Sinus (SIN), Square (SQR), Saw (SAW), Triangle (TRI), Square subtracted with Sine (SQR-SIN), Hypersaw (HYPSAW), Noise-Delay (ND) and Filtered Noise (NF). The Tone knob is only usable for the last 4 modes. Pitch, Detune, Panorama and Amplitude can be also set for each OSC. Each OSC has an independet Filter section with adjustable Frequency, Resonance and Filter Type (Highpass, Lowpass and Bandpass).
- Instead of one of the Waveform you can also choose a sample for each OSC. You can use one of the already integrated samples, or even import your own, by dragging tham in the Sample module of an OSC. Be aware: Dropping a sample into only one of the 4 Sampler modules will only add the sample in this specific module. To use your samples in all OSCs, copy the Sample Map to the other samplers. Another note: You have to activate the loop function for each newly imported sample. You can choose the position of the loop points by left clicking (Start) and right clicking (End) on the sampler at a specific position.
- Randomization: The main process that creates the random soundscapes of THE SWARM is appliable on Pitch, Tone and Cutoff Frequency of each OSC. The Randomization for each Voice is separated, but all Voices of an OSC follow the main parameters of the modulators: Amount (A), Speed (SP - change rate), and Slope (SL - immediate change or slow change).
- MASTER Section: The Master Section features a simple Limiter, a Stereo Level indicator and two different Volume Knob. The Larger one is the Snapshot volume, the smaller one, independent from Snapshot, is the Master Volume.
- RESOCHORD: A simple effect immitating 5 perfect resonant strings. The pitch and the behaviour of each string can be set with the multi display interface.
- REVERB: A simple designed Schroeder Reverb, working with Comb- and Allpass-filters.
- S&H: A simple Sample & Hold effect that can be triggered by either a Sine LFO or a Geiger Generator.
- CLOUD: A stereo Cloud Delay, with added feedback.
- XY Display

Known Bugs:
- Some of the presets might sound a bit different. Most of them are still intact though.

Planned Features:
- Visual Feedback on activated OSCs
- Add more Random generators for other parameters

Don't refrain from giving feedback, uploading custom snapshots or even tracks made with The Swarm (it would make me proud).


- Added Sample integration: Switch between Sample and OSC mode/select sample knob added.
- Added Buttons to deactivate unused OSCs (Saves CPU)
- Replaced some unnecessary polyphonic parts with monophonic ones (reduces a bit CPU usage)
- Added new Bank "New Order"
- Fine adjustments to the Layout

- Fixed Resochord Multi-Display behaviour. You can now load, store and randomize without having the wrong point selected. Please report unforseen behaviour to local authorities
- Big knob next to the title now Randomizes Snapshots (Aes thete)

- Added new Snapshots to "Insomnia" and "Stockhausen Syndrome"
- Fixed Filter Type knob to work properly
- Fixed Master Volume knob to be Snap independent
- Added animated logo
- Fine adjustments on background

- Everything you see


1 year ago
This is SO brilliant! Discovered it last week, have spent the past 7 days working with it, recording loops from it to make sampler instruments. Thanks so much.
Andreas Neufeld
2 years ago
great soundscapes
Lafayette Escadrille
2 years ago
Does random not work well anymore ? Perhaps author might think about a v ./5 ?
Winfried Sitte
4 years ago
This is a great sounding gadget, and fantastic interface design! Thank you.
4 years ago
Great Synth with many possibilities to create sound. It would be nice if you could play Midi notes with different pitches. That would make the synth perfect
Craig Laubach
4 years ago
Never mind...just figured it out!
Craig Laubach
4 years ago
How do you activate the loop bracket?
Gennaro Giugliano
6 years ago
many thanks Eduard for your add instrument
John Wise
6 years ago
I"m afraid this might not be the right place to ask a question but I can't find how I can use my own samples within The Swarm?
Michael Bourne
6 years ago
Amazing interface wow :)
Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
I love the results and interface! Thank you!
Lafayette Escadrille
6 years ago
Eduard, thank you for the update and new snaps. I understand your randomize parameters now. Request... Could the dial next to the Swarm logo be made into a overall random patch generator ? TX
Mark Griffiths
6 years ago
Completely brilliant. Many thanks for this
Oskar Sigurdsson
6 years ago
Nice man, thank you for sharing.
Eduard Telik
6 years ago
@Aes thete When you see three small circles under a big circle marked with "A" "SP" "SL" -> this is what you search. "A" stands for "Amount", "SP" for "Speed" and "SL" for "Slope". Slope means the time it needs to jump to the next value (high values means it glides, lower means it jumps). njoy
Lafayette Escadrille
6 years ago
How do you randomize ?
Lafayette Escadrille
6 years ago
Top 10 for R6 for sure. Well done sir.
Dieter Zobel
6 years ago
nice, thanks
Eduard Telik
6 years ago
@andrew aronson - When u go on a date with me.
andrew aronson
6 years ago
random sound, yeah , i'm hip, but lets cut to the chase. how long till i can generate every five minute conversation i did and did not have with my aunt charlene on a cool october afternoon in milwuakee???
Omar Misa
6 years ago
Beautiful looking & sounding synth. Huge set of generative characters. i tweezed out the RESOCHORD for reuse in other contexts. i hope you don't mind…