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update in dedication of whoever downvoted

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1.2 (Updated 2 years ago)
February 21, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


while the last update was simply to finish the objective, this one would see some polish applied to the thing. i'd never bothered to check how it sounded against a real sitar, and the contrast was not flattering. so to that, i've added an additional ninja envelope to control a sweeping 1p lowpass, cause long story short the noise impulse was adding hot breathy noise; not fooling anyone. also added five more drone strings, after actually bothering to look up how many they are supposed to have. other stuff happened too... now the damping is responsive to velocity, things have been labeled. loads. strictly good news. i suppose if this keeps going i'll actually have to learn something proper about sitars instead of just only extremely appreciating them

sitar model with tunable drone strings that i made long ago, that had crashed before ever being saved, and never quite regained its one time glory, was finally posted in half working resignation.

until today. i was chiding someone on another forum about how easy sympathetic resonance was and bragging about a thing that was never even finished. someone said 'you should finish it'. anyway, the main strings go through some hissification, then through a body model, to excite the drone strings. it definitely beats the other one i made that does the same thing to an impulse response... gross. this will probably be updated at some point. there's a lot of different envelopes controlling different aspects of the sitar-y evolution of sound that could be united under some control system. till then it just needs fiddled with
it was made by cannibalizing other string models from the UL. most notably the only other sitar one and the prepared guitar from chet singer. thanks for the legwork chaps


andrew aronson
1 year ago
uhhh... yeah find the melody string macro in the main ensemble and turn on wire debug mode. hover over the wire connected to the exc input. is there a signal present? how about midi, are midi values making it to the p input of the melody string?
Mathieu Mineault Martineau
1 year ago
i cant seems to have any sounds coming out. i have this probleme with alot of these type of physical modeling synths. Could you help me ? it is not a midi problem